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My Background


I've loved photography ever since taking my first serious photographs.  Using a 'Rube Goldberg' setup on a microscope, I was able to get several good photomicrographs which I'm certain helped get the A+ that was given to that 10th grade biology term paper.  After that, it was all yearbooks and fun in photography for the next few years.

After college, I moved back home to Fort Lauderdale where I landed photojournalism jobs working for 2 South Florida newspapers and as a stringer for AP and UPI.  It was an educational as well as an exciting time in my photo career. 

In 1980 I decided to join the Navy and go into the medical field.  It was there, during my first tour of duty at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD that I found biophotography.  I enrolled in the school and graduated first in my class in 1983.   During my second tour of duty at NNMC I became an instructor at the biophotography school.  Assigned later  as the Senior Instructor and Department Head for the school,  I also finished my professional certification as a Registered Biological Photographer.  I went on to serve the Biocommunications Association as the Practical Exam Coordinator for the RBP program and then as the Director for Communications for their Board of Governors.  In 2004  I retired from the biophotography field but still enjoy taking photos.   It will always be a passion of mine.

Photography as Communication


Pictures can be exciting or calming.  Personal senses and emotions can be triggered with just the push of a shutter button. Whether it's photography for once in a lifetime event or human interest photojournalism, we can handle it.  We primarily do photography in Jacksonville, FL, but can cover events from Orlando to Atlanta to Tallahassee.  Visit our blog for educational information.  We can also provide private or semi-private photography classes.

Sharing Stories


History and memories are recorded through the camera lens.  The fleeting memory of spot news.  Lifelong memories of special, personal events.  They are the stories of our lives as an individual, a family, a generation, even a society.

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